Share our passion for good food

Fleshed out from a simple concept, The Pigpen takes pride in the good food and good drinks we serve you. From our casual space and relaxed ambiance to our scrumptious selection of Euro-Asian dishes and fresh drinks, made in-house, daily, everything is carefully chosen to give you not only a gustatory adventure but also a delightful experience.

The Pigpen is a modern restaurant and bar formed by lifelong friends who share a passion for what truly matters: feeding the body with natural good food, enhancing the dining pleasure with excellent drinks, and serving it all up in a beautiful, relaxed space. We want time to stand still when you walk into the Pigpen, or at least just long enough for you to enjoy your meal or drink with us.

Our philosophy puts emphasis on serving freshly prepared, delicious dishes using locally sourced, quality ingredients. East meets West at the Pigpen, as our chefs have carefully updated our menu to bring their special touch to the best of both worlds. Playing with balance and contrast is what creates magic in our kitchen.

For after-hours guests, we have scrumptious bar bites and an excellent selection of cocktails, craft beers, and artisan wines. Our coffee is made only from premium beans locally blended and roasted by Yardstick Coffee.

We want the Pigpen to be a warm and cozy place for anyone and everyone who likes to relax and enjoy good eats whether by themselves or with family, friends, and colleagues.